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Psarah Johnson passed away in April of 2022. You can read a memorial piece published by the Salt Lake Tribune here. You can also read her bio below. 

A self-identifying “cripplepunk,” Psarah Johnson is a community activist who was born with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and since then has spent her life collecting autoimmune disorders.  In addition, she suffers from PTSD, the result of the medical trauma and psychological abuse she has endured throughout her four decades on earth.  However, Psarah has lived her entire life refusing to take the back seat.  She has worked as a group home coordinator, taught high school students theatre and civics, performed as a stand-up comedian, and–at one point–even ran away to join the circus.

Most recently, Psarah has stepped away from her career as an educator to become an American Disability Rights Advocate, an engaging public speaker, a champion of marginalized communities, and an emcee at community events.  Psarah not only serves as DRAC’s current board chair but has worked as a citizen lobbyist for Planned Parenthood, a member of the Enriching Utah Coalition, and has been a color leader for National ADAPT actions.  Psarah is also a founding member of HAN (Healthcare Action Now); a coalition of groups who spearheaded the push to defend Obamacare protections and helped defeat the “Repeal and Replace” bills that circulated in the summer of 2017.  She is a well-recognized community activist and can be seen fighting alongside a myriad of social justice and civil rights organizations.
Photo of Psarah Johnson