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Welcome to Our New Board Members!

In our January board meeting, we elected three new board members to our Board of Directors. We would like to welcome Jim Rounds, Heidi Pomerleau, and Lou McKee! We’re excited to add their experience and talent to our leadership team.

In our February newsletter, we’re highlighting our new board member Jim Rounds:

“My name is Jim Rounds. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2012, and that ended a 20-year IT career in one crashing blow. It took me years to admit that I was disabled, but once I did, I realized that disabled people have to spend all of their time and energy fighting for the right to live in a world that’s not built for them. We often hear that the abled world just wants us to go away so they don’t have to think about us. That’s why I joined DRAC, and that’s why I’m proud to fight for disability rights.”

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